How to Enlarge Bust without Surgery

Having a large bust shape is every woman’s dream. It is not mandatory for drugs, some of these natural steps are claimed to increase bust size optimally. Like hair, busts can be likened to a woman’s crown. The bust is a gland consisting of fatty tissue, fibrous glands, and connective tissue. Although the ideal bust shape is not always big, women prefer a firm bust shape and look big. So there are many ways offered to enlarge busts instantly. Also, jenny bolton can help you to boost your bust.

One of them is with silicone bust implants and surgery. However, both of them have high health risks and need to be maintained after surgery. To be safe here is how to enlarge busts naturally without drugs and surgery, which are summarized from various sources.

Bust massage Massaging the bust area can make blood circulation more smoothly. Massage can also stimulate hormones and also prevent the formation of toxins in the busts so they can be healthier and firmer. Massage can be done with several oils, namely olive oil and baby oil. Perform massage gently slowly with circular motions. Massage for 15–20 minutes. This treatment can be done 2-3 times a week.

Increase the consumption of foods that stimulate estrogen hormones The natural way to enlarge busts is to eat foods that stimulate the production of the hormone estrogen. This hormone functions as a female hormone. If you are diligent in consuming these foods, the tissue growth in the busts will be more optimal. Here are some foods that can stimulate the hormone estrogen:

Long beans Soy Dates Sesame Seeds Bean Plum

Aloe vera The next way to enlarge busts is aloe vera. Aloe vera has a slightly sticky texture and provides a cool sensation on the skin so it is known to treat skin beauty. Natural ingredients in aloe vera can help tighten facial skin, including busts. Enlarging busts can be done massage with aloe vera gel. After the massage, let the aloe vera gel soak into the skin. If this treatment is carried out regularly, it can speed up the regeneration process of cells in the bust.

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