How To Wear A Watch

Watches come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be worn as functional accessories or stylish jewelry by both men and women. While it is acceptable to wear a watch on almost every occasion and setting, there are some basic guidelines on how to choose the right watch. This guide focuses on what type of watch is most appropriate for various situations and settings, how to match a watch to clothing, and how to properly wear a watch. But the most accurate automatic watch will be a perfect choice that will suit every event you are attending.

First, you need to determine which wrist you want to wear the watch on. There is no “right” side. Choose the wrist that’s most comfortable and where your watch won’t get in the way of your movement. This is usually the non-dominant hand, as it may be uncomfortable to write with the watch under your wrist. Make sure that you are wearing the watch not too far from the wrist bone. Make sure it is right next to the bone outside the wrist. Never wear your watch over the cuff of your shirt. Wear a strap that fits snugly. The watch should look comfortable, natural, and certainly not sloppy.

An important point, some watches, such as formal watches and sports watches, have a prong and notch system that allows you to easily move the prong up or down the notch to tighten or loosen. Informal or formal watches can have more complex strapping systems. A man should not wear a watch that is loose around his wrist. It should be about an inch up and down your wrist as you move. As a general rule, you should be able to fit your finger between your wrist and the bracelet. The watch does not have to be worn too tightly. If the watch leaves marks on your wrist, it’s too tight and will need to be loosened. Women’s watches can be worn snugly, or loosely around the wrist like a bracelet.

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