It’s A Simple Way To Make Interesting Instagram Captions

I don’t blame you for making long captions. However, users prefer short, concise, and meaningful captions. Of course, the meaning here is what your followers can feel. It could contain useful information for them, it could also contain something that hit their heart so that they feel “this caption is so relatable with me.” With a caption like this, it will invite many likes and comments on your Instagram feed. Aside from that, if you need more captions for your future Instagram posts, you can see at captioncraze.

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Then, in order to provoke a lot of comments, lure your followers with question sentences. You can upload 2 products with the same type but different designs, then continue with a caption like this: Do you prefer the right or the left? You may also post questions that will likely trigger many more comments. It’s because, with the question sentence, your followers will be hooked to answer and interact with you. Then if they have already commented, reply to their comments for a more intense interaction.