You Can Consider These Things When Making A Roof Garden

What plants you can plant in your roof garden is important, but choosing a pot design that has aesthetic value is also important, right? Combine the colors of furniture and exterior furniture, such as pots and plant racks, with the colors of the flowers you plant. You can also decorate the garden by placing park benches and adding lighting ornaments, such as garden lights. When night falls, you can sit back and relax looking at the sky full of stars. Besides being green and beautiful, the nuances in the garden area also feel dynamic, so you will be even more enthusiastic about gardening. Meanwhile, you can also call Roofing Contractors Afton OK to assist you in making your dream roof garden.

When you determine the layout of your roof garden, also consider the types of vegetables, fruit, and flowers that you can plant in your roof garden, such as:

Organic Vegetables and Fruits

A garden made on top of the house is a great place if you want to grow organic vegetables and fruits. The location is above, not directly touching the surface, making this garden free from pests.

Beautify the roof garden with flowers

There are many types of beautiful flowers that you can plant, such as carnations, roses, jasmine, Virginia, and bougainvillea.

Then, you have to pay attention to the sunshine. By having a garden on the roof of the house, plants can indeed get optimal sunlight. However, we live in a tropical country, sometimes the sunlight needed by plants is even excessive and can harm the growth of these plants. Plants become dry and lack nutrients, due to irrigation which also dries up quickly. To overcome this, you can build a transparent canopy on the parts that are exposed to high sunlight intensity.

After you have succeeded in making a garden on the roof of your house and you are increasingly interested, try joining urban farming communities, hydroponic plant lovers, or rooftop farming. In this community, you can get more detailed and in-depth tips and tricks on roof garden management. Maybe by joining the community, you can also market the results of cultivating your plants, the more profitable, right? After successfully creating a vegetable and flower garden on your roof, be sure to equip it with quality furniture.